Shayla Wright


Ty Conaster, Reporter

Name: Shayla Wright (Captain)

Grade: 12

Position: Setter

Years Played: 11


Q: Why did you start playing volleyball?

A: “My older sister played volleyball and I kinda just took after her, like followed in her footsteps.”


Q: What has it been like playing with some of your teammates since 7th grade?

A: “Since we’ve been playing together for so long we have this bond, like we’re all really close. We’re all friends inside of volleyball and outside of volleyball so it makes it more fun.”


Q: What is your favorite volleyball memory?

A: “When I broke the school record.”


Q: What are you going to miss most about the team this year?

A: “Probably being with all the girls everyday and being able to play with them because I won’t get that next year when I’m at college.”