Alumni scholarships winners


The Southport High School Alumni Association gave out $66,000 worth of scholarships to graduating seniors this year. Below are a few of those students who were awarded scholarship money.


Bailey Fields

Scholarship: Cardinal Pride – Skillman

Info: “The Cardinal Pride Sponsor program was designed to help fund scholarships for the future. A Cardinal Pride Sponsor contributes a minimum of $1500 annually, part of which becomes a scholarship during the current year. The balance is placed in a separate account to help fund future scholarships.”  

Amount: $1500

“I’m going to use it for books and I’m just happy because it’s a lot more than I expected.”

Jessie Gaskin

Scholarship: Class of 1954

Info: “Since 2008 the Class of ‘54 has offered this scholarship. This class was the first 50-year class to be honored by the Alumni Association at our banquet. The Class of ‘54 committee, led by Sue Steelman, donated this scholarship which may go to an academic or vocational student and requires a minimum 3.0 GPA, expressed need, extra-curricular involvement, and good attendance with consistency. Although they are not a requirement, church involvement and school service are also important.”

Amount: $500

“I’m pretty excited about it, it’s going to help me buy books.”

Kyla Hardy

Scholarship: Class of 1963

Info: “We welcome the Class of ‘63 and thank the class for providing this scholarship. Over the years, the Class of ‘63 has been very supportive of the Alumni Association scholarship program, and we look forward to many, many more years of support. Thank you, Class of ‘63!”

Amount: $1000

“(I’m going to use it) for books, of course, and I plan on buying a new laptop and stuff for my dorm, so that’s pretty exciting.”

Aaron Blackwell

Scholarship: Joe Blazek Memorial

Info: “A huge thank-you goes to the Blazek Family for providing this scholarship. Sadly, Joe, who started this scholarship passed away December 17, 2008. His family will continue this scholarship in Joe’s memory. Joe, a member of the Class of ‘50, played football for four years and was a member of the 1950 undefeated, untied team. Joe also wrestled for two years. Retiring in 1988, Joe was a well-known builder on the Southside, owning Joseph Blazek, Jr. Construction Co. and later co-owning Wilson-Blazek Builders. The scholarship requires attendance at an accredited technical or four-year institution and expressed need.”

Amount: $1000

“I’m probably going to use it for room and board stuff at Purdue.”