It is possible to fight through senioritis


Destiny Bryant, Digital Managing Editor

Senioritis is a real havoc in the lives of many seniors each and every year, and it has taken the lives of many academic opportunities. It is also the leading cause of dropping GPA’s in our community. With a plate full of AP classes, playing a sport, doing newspaper and working part-time, it gets harder each day to get out of bed, due to the fact that I know it will be a very long time before we meet again. However, the feeling of knowing each day I complete gets me closer to the college of my choice, I have found the motivation to not just drop-out.

Symptoms of senioritis include, but are not limited to: The lack of motivation to roll out of bed in the morning, slumping into class late… regularly, not being able to wear anything besides sweats even if you try so hard not to, and the homework you once couldn’t forget about has completely become a thing of the past.

According to, there are a few ways you can battle the overwhelming, senioritis. Set goals! Make lists of specific goals, long term and short term. Try taking life one day at a time, stop stressing about stress before it has even become stress, it helps. Challenge yourself. Take a few AP classes that will keep you on your toes. As soon as a bad habit starts to appear, get rid of it. They are no bueno. Strive for earning college credit, the more time you spend doing homework and studying, the better you’ll do on tests. The better you do on tests, the more prepared you are for the AP test. The better you do on the AP test, the less money you have to spend in college. The less money you spend in college, the more your parents will like you. The more your parents like you, the easier your life is.

Get involved! The more involved you become, the less time you’ll have to ponder the ideas of what you could be stressing about, which in turn will help time fly by. Senior year will be over before we know it and then all the time that we spent in the senioritis stage, will be time wasted.