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A bittersweet goodbye

Athletic Secretary Peggy Warner and Athletic Director Pete Hubert have worked together at SHS for over 10 years. They don't get to properly end their final year at SHS due to COVID-19 effectively closing school and athletic events.

Sophia McKinney

April 16, 2020

After working for over 10 years at SHS, Athletic Director Pete Hubert and Athletic Secretary Peggy Wa...

Humans of Southport

Humans of Southport

April 14, 2020

  Senior Samantha Cardoza “It kind of sucks because it’s my senior year... I miss all of my friends that I don’t hangout with outside of sc...

Sophomore Aubreyah Green started Buggin Bargain in July of 2019. Green sells vintage clothes of all sizes.

Buggin Bargain

April 14, 2020

Starting as an 8 year old in awe of thrift stores, sophomore Aubreyah Green has made it a goal to cre...

English teacher Paige Wyatt has tattoos that are reminders of her family and different life lessons she has learned. Wyatt got her first tattoo at age 19.

Expressing herself

March 11, 2020

Walking through the halls of SHS, anyone that encounters English teacher Paige Wyatt can see tattoos on ...

Youth teaching the youth

Sophia McKinney

March 8, 2020

  Near the end of sophomore year, senior Sarah Rusaw discovered what career she wanted to pursue in the future. Spending time with younger children and being a leader for them was her passion.  “I want to be a positive influence and a light for kids,” Rusaw said.  From there on, she took steps to prepare...

Becoming bilingual

Becoming bilingual

Sophia McKinney

February 28, 2020

About a month ago, junior Rodrigo Romero woke up from a dream like no other. In his dream, he heard people...

Freshman La’Quera Williams, junior Madison Baker and freshman Joshlynn Tanner dance during practice on Feb. 20. The dance team has practiced almost every day after school to prepare for nationals.

‘One team, one heart’

February 28, 2020

Perfecting their routines and stunts, the dance team prepares for nationals. With a music mash-up playing...

Accounting for anxiety

February 28, 2020

The pencil in her hand started to slip away while sweat beads formed on the palms of her hands. Her ...

Practice pays off

Senior Andrew Nguyen practices his music for Indiana All-State Band on Feb. 20. He is the first person from SHS to make it to this band in 26 years.

Emily Mertz

February 26, 2020

After auditioning for Indiana All-State Band, senior Andrew Nguyen went home and the anticipation be...

Soaring to new heights

Sophomore Jonathan Craddock's mother, Jill Craddock, keeps a scrapbook to commemorate Jonathan's Eagle Scout journey.

Sophia McKinney

February 5, 2020

As a 3 year old inspired by his brother, sophomore Jonathon Craddock was ready to spread his wings....

Executive Director Jim Poyser and Resilient Schools Coordinator Tatjana Rebelle from Earth Charter Indiana talk with The Journal during iPass on Jan. 16. This interview followed a walkthrough of SHS to see how sustainable the school is.

To the test

January 31, 2020

Drinking from plastic straws, driving a car, throwing away plastic water bottles, using plastic bags at ...

Assistant treasurer Erin Percifield sorts through tickets and money for upcoming sporting events. Percifield became the assistant treasurer at the beginning of this school year.

‘Happy to have her’

January 29, 2020

From communicating with club sponsors to seeing her kids every day at SHS, assistant treasurer Erin P...

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