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Junior Earl Evans scrolls obliviously through the Snapchat home screen as assistant principal Kirby Schott scolds him through his megaphone. After this picture was taken, Schott proceeded to throw Evans’s phone in the trash, causing Evans to faint.

Snapchat snaps hopes in half

Riley Hyatt, Editor-in-Chief
March 17, 2017
Had I known where to put my tray...

Had I known where to put my tray…

Logan Flake, Satire Editor
March 15, 2017
JaVale McGee goes up for a shot as Shaquille O’Neal goes for the block. O’Neal shouted “too easy” as he proceeded to stuff McGee.

From keyboard to court

Justin Chambers, Reporter
March 15, 2017
Catherine Brown, Junior

Boring sports wanted

Madison Gomez, Reporter
March 15, 2017
(Left to right) Juniors Steven Brightside, Brad Thomas, and Hailey Kindleman pray to their respective holy fry entities. This has become a morning ritual for the students and is said to bring good luck for the day.

Call of Duty: Lunchroom at War

Mark Carlson, Sports Editor
March 3, 2017
Fiber arts teacher Nicholas VanNote participates in a teaching simulation for “Flushing 101” in front of his colleagues. “That was humiliating,” VanNote later stated.

New class to flush away restroom problems

Leah Newhouse, Managing Editor
February 28, 2017
Sending my belated XOXO’s to XFINITY

Sending my belated XOXO’s to XFINITY

Logan Flake, Satire Editor
February 28, 2017
Senior Bert Saunders is caught in the  middle of his dream about Trump. He is doing everything possible to forget the details of his dream, even going as far as listening to Justine Beaver on full blast to drown them out.

Trump dream sparks fear

Chris Cox, Opinion Editor
February 10, 2017
Senior Raven Lewis stares in horror at the Cracker Barrel home page. Lewis dropped holy water into her eyes seconds after.

She needs an adult…to block this

Madeline Steward, Photos Editor
February 8, 2017
Senior Emily Nettick is caught being “totally uber emotional” while reading tweets about George Michael’s death.  Nettick proceeded to explain to multiple different users who Michael even was after looking it up herself minutes prior.

Time can never mend…

January 20, 2017
Gritsianity is the bee’s knees, man

Gritsianity is the bee’s knees, man

Logan Flake, Satire Editor
January 17, 2017
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