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Jacob Wiese
Hi! I am Jacob, an SHS senior and the Opinion Editor for The Journal this year. I’m really into new technology and the way it works. I love computers and have built many including my own, and I treat it like it's my own child. I also recently created an app that is like Yelp but for restrooms. I have a three-legged cat named Jingles, who I love with all my heart. One of my favorite activities to do in my free time is to play video games, although I have spent way too much of my money buying them. Sometimes I stay up until 2 a.m. on a school night playing them with my friends. But I don’t regret any of it. The amount of great moments and laughs that I have experienced through playing them has all been worth it. I live with my older sister, Emma, who was also on The Journal, and my older special needs brother, Nathan, who sometimes thinks clothing is optional. I currently play violin in advanced orchestra but I also take piano lessons. My dream job would be working at Valve Software, the company that made some of my favorite games of all time, like the Half-Life series and Dota 2. 

To keep up with my stories and many others follow me @jwiesejrnl on Twitter.

Jacob Wiese, Opinion Editor

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