The Journal Rewired

Logan Zrebiec
Hey, my name is Logan Zrebiec, and I am currently a senior here at SHS. I am a sports writer here on The Journal. I play baseball here at the High School, and I have spent 95.34 percent of the past four years in our adviser,  Mr. K.’s, room. I have heard him say around 984 times, “Why settle for good work when you are capable of doing great work?” And I have yet to still follow that. I think I might be the world's biggest procrastinator. Example: I waited until the last second to write this. I consider myself a grilled cheese connoisseur. We used to have a couch in Mr. K.’s room, and, now that it is gone, I am depressed. Even though it was all broken, it still was more comfortable than the floor. Bye-bye for the second to last time.

Logan Zrebiec , Reporter

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