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Rachel Bayler
I’m Rachel Bayler and I’m a sophomore and a student life reporter for the 2017-2018 school year. I love God, friends and family and am passionate about dogs and can often be found cooing to them at any given moment. I am a huge Broadway and history nerd and my Spotify playlists range from show tunes to golden oldies to Selena to hymns. I’m just a little old lady at heart with a shy exterior and a love for black and white films. While I am very shy, I love the theater and look forward to participating in the upcoming plays and musicals. I own over 200 books and have yet to find a place to put them all. Though not exactly a staple for a healthy diet, I could eat Kraft mac & cheese all day and have become a mac & cheese aficionado (come to me for advice on which restaurant has the best/worst mac). My main hobby is watching youtube, with sleeping being a close second. I take school very seriously and often obsess about grades and schoolwork. I’m excited for this upcoming year and am trying to mentally prepare myself for all the exhausting and fun times to come!

Rachel Bayler, Reporter

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