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Shelby Denny
Hey friends, it’s Shelby Denny. It’s hard for me to believe that last year I was just a scared little sophomore who was terrified to be a writer for the Entertainment Section of The Journal. Now, this year, here I am still just as scared but now an editor for The Journal, Social Media Editor to be more specific.This year I was fortunate enough to be the Social Media Director for RDM. As you can see the pattern, social media is sort of my thing. Aside from school, I adore music. I am in love with all music, but mostly from Ariana Grande and Billie Elish. They most definitely rule the world. You can find me either watching “The Vampire Diaries” on Netflix, or watching Buzzfeed Unsolved on Youtube because I have always believed that everything is not what it seems and I also enjoy making my brain think deeper about the wonders of the world. When it’s a more calm type of day, I will write poetry. Sometimes I will write down how I feel one day, and then write how I feel the next day and make something out of that. Writing is a really good escape for me when I feel stressed and I find it very relaxing. Anyways, I hope this year being an editor helps me to step out of my comfort zone and really grow as a person. 

Shelby Denny, Social Media Editor

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