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Sophia McKinney
Hey, I’m Sophia McKinney! People actually just call me Sophie, but I wanted to make myself sound more sophisticated. This is my first year on The Journal and I am a News Reporter. I’m a sophomore this year and I’m still kind of upset that the cafeteria pizza hasn’t changed from last year. My life outside of school is much more exciting than cafeteria food. My house is filled with four hyper dogs. They’re all super tiny, but their nails can really do some damage. You can often find me obsessively shopping, riding my bike, hanging out with friends, babysitting, filling in my eyebrows or eating spicy ramen. I’m a pretty quirky and bubbly person, as you can tell from my hobbies. I also enjoy traveling! One of my all time favorite places to travel to is Sydney, Australia. I got the opportunity to hold a baby koala, swim in the Great Barrier Reef and meet many amazing locals. In the future, I would like to dedicate my time to cleaning up the environment and spreading awareness about it. Another goal of mine is to become a psychologist. By joining The Journal, I hope to give myself a learning opportunity that can benefit me in the present and in the future. I also want to share other people’s voices and mine as well. 

If you’d like to keep up with mine and others stories, follow me @SMCKINNEYJRNAL on Twitter.

Sophia McKinney, Reporter

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