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Nathan Smith
Oh hi, good to see you so soon. Just please give me a chance to get ready before you show up unannounced. Let's start with the basics about getting to know me. The first and most important thing to know about me is that I wrestle and have wrestled for 10 years now. It is basically my life outside of school. When I am in school, though I love to do science and write for The Journal the most. Now I'm sure you’re wondering to yourself, “But Nathan don’t you do anything besides wrestle and school?” and my answer to that is YES. I do many things outside of school that are important to me that I just don’t tell anyone. For example, it may sound nerdy but I like to go birdwatching with my father as that is an interest we share, and biking is another big thing in my life. No, not like mountain biking, but more like road biking for two hours, hence why I love the Tour De France so much. Most of the classes I take are pretty hard I’d say. As of right now in my sophomore year I take AP US History, DC Chemistry, Honors French III and Honors G/T English 10 as my core classes. That is about it as far as my life goes but I’m interested to see where my journey takes me.

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Nathan Smith