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Owen Hodges
Hi! I'm Owen Hodges, and I’m a News Reporter for The Journal. I’m a sophomore this year, and this is my first year on The Journal. Last year I took journalism and about two weeks in, my new goal was to join The Journal. I’m also in marching band during the fall. And then I’m in regular concert band the rest of the time. I play trumpet for everything band wise but I’m also learning clarinet. I plan on also learning saxophone and guitar, and hopefully those goals will be accomplished by the end of high school. A fun fact about myself is that I love dogs with all my heart. Some of my favorite shows are “Friends,” “The Office” and “Family Guy.” My life basically only consists of marching band and The Journal and I’m honestly okay with that. If I’m not talking about something related to either of those two, I’m probably just talking about Queen or David Bowie or some show I’m watching at that particular time. I can’t wait to get to start my career on The Journal!

Owen Hodges, Reporter

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Owen Hodges