Alvaro Romero

September 9, 2022


Junior Alvaro Romero has been sport oriented for most of his life due to his family’s upbringing. His brother played soccer and his grandfather was a professional soccer player.
In Seville, Spain, he played on a soccer team called Los Remedios United. He brought his love for Soccer to SHS.
“I started playing soccer when I was six years old, and I love it,” Romero said.
In America, soccer practices seem to have more of an objective than they do in Spain, but he does enjoy the practices. He practices every day and frequently has games.
This year along with soccer, he plans to play lacrosse with his host brother Anselmo and Wright, his host father and coach.
In Spain, the meal times are far different than they are in America. They eat lunch around 3 p.m. and dinner around 10 p.m., while Americans typically eat earlier.
He went to New York City for a convention with other foreign exchange students in his company, Hola USA, and spent three days there. He made many Italian and German friends while exploring.
He’s already made many friends with his soccer teammates and people in weight lifting. He does find it difficult to be away from his family and friends though.
“I want to try to make it the year of my life, and meet a lot of people,” Romero said.

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