Junior Ayla Fulk

December 21, 2022


Junior Ayla Fulk was raised in a religious Christian and Catholic family. So as a child, she often went to church. But, she says she soon realized that she found it ‘cult-like’. 

Not only that, she thought the religion was hypocritical and judgemental. She didn’t believe in what they were saying and said she felt Christanity was forceful. 

This is why she became an atheist, which is someone who believes there is no God.

“While there may be many many views on what’s waiting in the afterlife,” Fulk said. “So far the only evidence I have is that once we die, it’s over, which is what makes now so special.”.

While Fulks beliefs do not always harm relationships, she can’t mention she is an Atheist to some family members because it would cause problems.

“I believe they judge Atheism in general because religion is part of basic human nature,” Fulks said.

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