Junior Hunter Manuel

December 21, 2022


Junior Hunter Manuel meditates, often around midday or night, to strengthen their seven chakras as a way to practice Wicca.

“I believe in Wicca because you can just be yourself with it,” Manuel said.

Each of the seven chakras are located at different parts of someone’s body. The first chakra is located at the base of your spine, the second in your lower abdomen, the third located just under your ribcage, the fourth is in the center of your chest, the fifth is in your throat, the sixth is in the center of your forehead and finally the seventh is on the top of your head.

Each of these chakras are also associated with certain attributes as well. The first is associated with confidence, the second with creativity, the third with compassion, the fourth with love, the fifth with communication, the sixth with wisdom and the seventh with knowledge.

Wicca is a spiritual religion that often sets out to help people. People who practice Wicca often pay attention to the moon. 

During full moons they cleanse their crystals. They also collect rain water during full moons as it’s believed to have healing and positive energies.

Believing in Wicca has given Manuel some values. Some of which is to be mindful of people, be aware of your surroundings, and to be helpful to others.

Manuel says people will often come to those who believe in Wicca to perform rituals to bless things or to rid them of negative energy.

“If a friend or family member needs your aid or your abilities that you have been born with, do your best to help them.” Manuel said.

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