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2017-2018 Staff

Katie Berry


My name is Katie Berry, and I’m a sophomore. This is my first year on The Journal! I write for the Entertainment section. Besides being on The Journal staff, I’m also a member of our show choir, Ladies First, and I participate in the theatrical p...

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Noah Thomas


My name is Noah Thomas and I a full-time photographer and a new member of the SHS Journal staff. I am a junior this year and I spend a lot of my time with my goats. Yes, I have goats. Other than my interest in strange barnyard animals, I play first doubles f...

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Destiny Bryant

Digital managing editor

Hey there, My name is still Destiny Bryant and I have made it to the end, senior year. I am the Digital managing editor of The Journal this year and I am in charge of the website and all things social media and I love it. 3 years later and here I am sti...

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Lily Berggoetz


Hello!! My name-Lily Berggoetz and I am a student life writer here at Southport High school. I am a senior at both Southport High School and Indiana school for the Deaf (yes, I go to two schools because I am cool like that). My day starts at 5 a.m. and end...

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Justin Chambers


Hi, my name is Justin Chambers and I am a junior here at Southport High School. I play two sports, football and baseball, and if you ever see me and I am not injured, you are probably dreaming. The doctors think I will have arthritis by the age of 25...

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Emma Wiese


Hey everybody, I’m Emma Wiese. I’m a senior at SHS, and this is my first year on staff for the Journal. At Southport, along with being on the Journal, I play violin in the Symphony Orchestra, and I am also involved with theater. Out of school, I ...

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Rebecca Wright


My name is Rebecca Wright and I am feature writer for The Journal and a sophomore here at SHS. This is my first year writing for the journal and I am very excited to write for the school. My favorite food is cereal. My favorite pastimes include readi...

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Logan Flake

Satire Editor

Some know me as Logan Flake. Others know me as “Putty.” My true friends know me as one of the most sarcastic and pessimistic people on the planet. Any of those titles or descriptions work for me. I also happen to be the editor for The Red Onion fo...

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Madison Gomez

Copy Chief

Hi, my name’s Madison Gomez, this is my second year on staff and I'm an entertainment writer and copy chief. Copy chief, by the way, checks to make sure each story is as true and accurate as possible. I want to be a journalist or an elementary school Spanish...

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Alyssa Clark

Entertainment Editor

My name is Alyssa Clark (although my license plate says Sasy Fry. That was my 17th birthday present, thanks Dad). I’m a senior and this is my second year on The Journal. The first year I was a Features writer for one semester and Student Life write...

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Madelyn Knight

Photos Editor

My name is Madelyn Knight and I am the Photos Editor for this year’s Journal staff. I am a junior this year and I love being on the Journal staff because it's a great way to get involved and I've made tons of amazing friends. I enjoy going to the m...

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Rae Updike


My name is Raewyn Updike, but I go by Rae. This year on The Journal staff will be my third, and last. While bittersweet, I am excited to complete my tasks as the social media guru, puzzles goddess and dabbler in entertainment writing. Throughout the past th...

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Hailey Boger

Staff artist

Hey, I’m Hailey, staff artist and senior at SHS. I love art and drawing, if you can’t tell, and I wish to study animation and sequential art after high school. I’m also a member of Premium Blend, the top choir at SHS. I’m very involved in the...

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Chloe Meredith

Managing editor of content

Hey, I’m Chloe, and I’m the Managing Editor of Content this year for The Journal. This is my third and final (oh my god) year on staff, and I’m so ready for the new changes. We put so much effort into this publication, so I hope you are just as excit...

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Andrew Tapp


  Hello. My name is Andrew Tapp and I have the distinct honor and pleasure of being the Editor-in-Chief of The Journal for this school year. As those who know me will tell you, I have an unhealthy, and somewhat annoying, obsession with politi...

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Michael Long

Sports editor

So, I don't know what you're doing in the staff section of The Journal Rewired. Nor do I know what you're doing reading my bio. You should be reading all the great content we produce, but while you're here, I might as well brief you about myself. My name...

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Jordin Baker


Hey, I’m Jordin Baker.  I’m a feature writer and photographer for the Journal. I am a sophomore and I don't really do anything other than the Journal and work at Kabuto. At school, I love math and English and; I love to read and write. Outside of s...

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Lyndsay Valadez

News editor

Hi, I’m Lyndsay, an SHS junior and the news editor for the Journal. Here are a few other things that I am involved in at SHS: student council, as I am the junior class’ treasurer, varsity cross country, track and unified track. At home I absolutely lov...

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Logan Zrebiec


Hey, my name is Logan Zrebiec and I am currently a Junior here at Southport High School. I am a sports writer here on The Journal. I play baseball here at the High School and I have spent 95.34% of the past 3 years in Mr. K’s room. I have heard Mr. K ...

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Savannah Doane


Hello, my name is Savannah Doane and I am a junior this year at SHS. This is my first year on The Journal and I’ll be writing for the sports section. I’m on the girls softball team here at SHS and during season you can catch me driving around my ...

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Michael Hood


For a lot of people they associate certain colors with emotions. For example, yellow represents happiness for a lot of people because they associate it with sunshine. A lot of these are universally based on things like sunshine, but it can vary based...

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Rachel Bayler


I’m Rachel Bayler and I’m a sophomore and a student life reporter for the 2017-2018 school year. I love God, friends and family and am passionate about dogs and can often be found cooing to them at any given moment. I am a huge Broadway and histor...

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Alice Ottolino


Hi, my name is Alice Ottolino I’m a senior and this is my first year being on The Journal. I have the great opportunity of writing entertainment.   Along with writing for The Journal, I am apart of Cardinal Cadre. The things I enjoy most about life ...

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Tabatha Fitzgerald


My name is Tabatha Fitzgerald, although anyone who knows me calls me Tabby. I am a Junior. This year I am writer for the Student Life section. This is my first year on staff and I am extremely excited. Not only am I on The Journal’s staff, but I am...

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Haley Miller


I’m Haley Miller, a sophomore at Southport. I’ll be writing for news this school year. This is my first year on The Journal and I’m very excited! At school, you can usually find me near the auditorium. I participate in Southport’s theatre produc...

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Clara Oesterling

Student Life Editor

“I quit.” Those are the final words I said to Drew Tapp, editor-in-chief, on the last day of school. I find myself wanting to back out of things often but never actually doing so. As much as I claim to dread newspaper, I constantly wind back up in ro...

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Emma Sprague


My name is Emma Sprague. I’m 16 years old and a junior at Southport High School. I am a news and satire writer for the Journal. I’m very proud of my small army of cats that I have at home. I like to think that I'm funny,, but I usually end up la...

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Jaycee Fitzergald

Features Editor

  Hi, my name is Jaycee Fitzgerald and I am the features editor. I’m a junior here at Southport, and along with writing for The Journal I am also part of student council and the debate team. I really enjoy being involved with school because I ...

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Hannah Garrett

Opinion Editor

Heyyyyy! Welcome to my bio! I’m Hannah Garrett and I am a junior. This is my second year being on The Journal and I am looking forward to being the opinion editor. Last year I was a writer for the sports section which I enjoyed very much, but it's t...

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