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Jemimah Ram
Hi, my name is Jemimah Ram! This is my first year on The Journal and I am a News Reporter. I am super excited to be on The Journal this year. I may have just transferred schools leaving some of my best friends behind, but I am happy to start fresh at SHS. I am currently a junior who is struggling on time management, since I think I am the biggest procrastinator in the world. Even though I may be new to this school, I love getting involved in school activities. My favorites include  watching school games, competing in class competitions or even volunteering. I’d like to say I have a passion for fashion too. I love staying on trends, and my current hobby would be sewing clothes and styling my friends. My favorite boy group would be BTS, and I may have a little obsession on them. There are times where I can be extroverted, but when I am introverted it would feel as if I am not there. I hope that I learn more from the Journal. Thank you for reading my bio!

Jemimah Ram, Reporter

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Jemimah Ram