Booster Club wins graphic design

Winning lip dub video gives SHS an update


Haley Miller

Example of what could be added to the main entrance of SHS

Haley Miller, Reporter

When senior Booster Club member Dallas Matlock visited SHS as a child, he thought the building looked old and average. To him, the appearance was just like every other high school. Throughout the years, however, Dallas thinks the school’s design and decor have been significantly advancing, especially with recent renovations. The latest planned addition, new graphic designs variously placed around the school, will make SHS look “10 times better,” according to Dallas.

“(SHS before renovations) looked like a high school,” Dallas said. “This (will look like) a D3 College.”

According to Booster Club sponsor Stacey Matlock, the SHS Booster Club won a free graphic design through the “School Spirit Showdown” contest, hosted by the company, Signworks. The club submitted a winning “Lip Dub” video, entitling SHS to an interior graphic design upgrade. The upgrade has options from floor graphics to murals.

The Booster Club is interested in painting near the Door 2 entryway, possibly adding the school song or cardinal heads to show school spirit. In addition to the free design, administration might purchase more from Signworks, which could include staircase or window graphics. Signworks is collaborating with the SHS administration and Booster Club to decide on a final design.

“Because (Signworks is) a company, they brought all these other ideas,” Stacey said. “The administration has to make (those decisions.)”

When they first heard that they won the contest the Booster Club  members weren’t expecting the possibility of a more advanced design by Signworks, which would be more technology based.They were expecting a design more in the form of a banner, according to Dallas.

He is most excited about the project because he says the designs will add to the character of SHS. He is looking forward to Signworks making the walls stand out and the contribution it will make to the school’s progressing identity.

“(The previous construction) and these graphic designs will honestly make Southport be Southport,” Dallas Matlock said.