Speaking out: students and staff talk about bullying

Do you feel bullying is problem in SHS?

Sophomore Ellieanna Soares

“(Bullying) is a huge problem. Really everyone is involved. You either get bullied or you are the bully, there’s no getting out of it. Everyone at this school takes a part in bullying.”


Junior Morgan Riddell

“(Bullying in SHS) is a little but debatable. In the AP classes, you don’t hear about it as much, but in regular classes you hear it a lot. In AP classes nobody cares.”



Senior Austin Bryce 

“Bullying is here, but I don’t think it’s as strong as some other schools. (Like in FC), I have a bunch of friends there and it’s really strong there, but it’s definitely present in school.”



Math teacher Kelly Nickson

“From my perspective, I see minor bullying a lot in the halls. Students can sometimes be very rude and disrespectful with how the speak with one another, but as far as bullying that would require intervention on my part or the administration’s part that’s not something that I see all that often.”