Siblings push each other to their limits


Michael Long

Lexie (left) and Bella (right) Green hold up ribbons they have won in cross country.

Logan Zrebiec , Reporter

Many different types of relationships can derive from sisterhood. Some can be close and beneficial, while others can be distant and cold. Either way, a sibling can help shape one’s personality and lifestyle.

Lexie and Bella Green are twin sisters who come from a set of triplets. The two say they use their relationship to help better each other in their academic and athletic careers. They push one another to their limits and always strive to be the best.

“We’re together 24/7,” Lexie said. “We go to school together, then we go running together, then we’re at home together or we’re at the gym together, so we’re always together.”

The love of running started in sixth grade for Lexie. A stress fracture sidelined Bella during her sixth grade year and didn’t allow her to start running until seventh grade. Ever since then, the two have been running together and have progressively gotten better. As just sophomores, the twins have earned top spots on the girls cross country team according to head coach Nathan Fishel.

“They’re working their best, trying their best,” Fishel said. “They’re performing in meets as best as we can expect and want to. They’re doing as well as they can.”

In two of their six meets that they have had this year, Lexie and Bella have respectively finished in the top two positions. On Aug. 15 against Perry Meridian, Lexie placed first and Bella finished just one spot behind her at second. Then on Aug. 19, the outcome was the same but this time it was at the Richmond Invitational.

According to the twins, having each other on the same team is beneficial, because they always have someone there to push them.

“It’s pretty cool.” Bella said. “You have a best friend on the team and you always have someone to go talk to.”

They take this “always having someone there” mentality to not just sports, but they also use it academically. The twins have almost all of the same classes, most of which are advanced, just at different times.

While at their house, they are able to help each other out by studying and doing homework together. The two say that they help each other out by making sure that they’re both in the same place and understand the advanced courses which they take.

“A lot of times, if I don’t understand something, or she doesn’t, then normally the other person does,” Lexie said.