Counselors make college prep suggestions

These are the results from 79 students on Twitter.

Graphic by Lyndsay Valadez

These are the results from 79 students on Twitter.

Lyndsay Valadez, News Editor

Hoping for a chance to further his education in accounting and photography, senior Oliver Street says he has improved his work ethic throughout high school in order to better his chances to get into a college. He is currently looking at his future after high school at Uindy or IU.

Looking into the futures of all SHS students, counselor Erin Shimp and former admissions counselor at Manchester and Marion University, Keegan Fox, have some basic tips for students looking for education after high school.

“Keep an open mind,” Fox said, “and be willing to put in the time and effort to achieve (your) dreams.”

Fox gave three basic steps for those wanting to approach post-secondary education in high school. First, she suggests going on college explorations to see what is preferred by the student. Shimp says that each student’s college search is different depending on each of their individual situations.

Another suggestion from Fox is to look deeper at the colleges that hold those items that were found important throughout their explorations. Her and Shimp agree that each student can get started on these step as early as freshman year. The biggest tip Street has for freshman is to go into high school knowing that you will have to work hard.

“Change your mindset to work hard, because if you don’t it’s going to bite you,” Street said.

Although Street has his plans most generally in order, other students don’t. Shimp suggests coming down to talk to the counselors, as they are there to help. Even if the students don’t know what to do after high school, they can discuss with their counselor and take different career interest inventory tests to have starting basis.

“When thinking about the future, it doesn’t have to be college… it isn’t for everybody,” Shimp said, “but every student needs to know what they are working toward.”