Tim McGraw’s album is an emotional rollercoaster ride

Riley Hyatt, Entertainment Writer

The walls of my bedroom could not contain the blaring of “Sundown Heaven Town.” You’re not doing Tim McGraw justice if his songs aren’t played out loud for everyone to hear. Well, when I say everyone I mean my family, and I’m quite positive they are uninterested in Tim McGraw at 10:00 at night.

The new album by Tim McGraw includes thirteen songs and five bonus tracks while featuring other country artists Faith Hill, Catherine Dunn, and Kid Rock. McGraw took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride that ended more abruptly than I would have liked.

It begins with the exhilarating ‘Overrated’ and ‘City Lights’  both of which are not your conventional love songs. ‘City Lights’ is set on top of a mountain where McGraw gets a chance to see ,spoiler alert, the city lights. He has the opportunity to share an intimate moment with that special someone. The basic idea of the song is enjoying the view that is set in front of you.

These two songs show the opposite side of the ‘lovey dovey’ Taylor Swift jams which, not to downplay her, can hardly be considered country. “Shotgun Seat” and  “Last Turn Home” are two more songs that follow the concept of love that McGraw has created. These explosive songs open up the mind of the listener and prepare them for what is about to come.

McGraw takes a drastic turn with ‘Portland, Maine’ which is an extremely subtle break up song (every album has to have at least one right?) I thoroughly enjoyed this track because I felt as if I could relate to something that I haven’t actually ever experienced. McGraw expresses his different takes on love by showing some ups and downs of a relationship.

The excitement I felt from the beginning of the album did not correspond with the lack there of at the end. The emotional roller coaster McGraw put me on, crashed. It didn’t burn, but it definitely crashed. I was expecting McGraw to end the album with a bang. In fact, I was still waiting for the big bang when the last song ended and the CD began anew.

All in all, I enjoyed the album. ‘The View’, ‘Kids Today’, and ‘Meanwhile Back At Mama’s’ are among my favorite songs mostly because they’re different than any other country track i’ve ever heard.

So, if you don’t mind a little banjo plucking, I suggest checking out “Sundown Heaven Town.”