Humans of Southport: Irais Ramirez


Michael Hood, Reporter

“When I first came here from Mexico, I was in Texas for about three months. I went (to) this place that really wasn’t a school. I don’t know how to describe it. It was somewhat a school. You would go there, and they would teach you English and stuff like that. I remember I would just go to school there all the time. But on Fridays, they would do this thing there where everyone would get out early, and they would do something. It would either be a movie, go to the park (or) something. When I first got there, it was in October, so we went trick or treating. It was fun. Then when I finally got here (in Indiana), the first thing I ever (did) was go to a McDonald’s for the first time. Then I finally got to meet back up with my little brother and parents for like the first time in forever because they had left Mexico years before I had. It was a very happy moment to finally see them. I had missed them so much.”