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Michael Hood
For a lot of people they associate certain colors with emotions. For example, yellow represents happiness for a lot of people because they associate it with sunshine. A lot of these are universally based on things like sunshine, but it can vary based on one’s own personal experiences. For me, if you want to get me angry and depressed at the same time just show me the colors scarlet and red.

I have spent the better part of my seventeen year long life hating the Ohio State Buckeyes. I use the word hate actually meaning it, this is not just a normal strong dislike of them; this is hatred. If I found Urban Meyer or Chris Holtman on fire I would drink the water and roast marshmallows over their burning bodies.

I am not going to lie, most of this hatred comes from their success. I wouldn’t hate them hardly as much if I hadn’t grown up watching them annually beat Michigan into submission every last Saturday in November. I wouldn’t hate them hardly as much if it wasn’t for Evan Turner’s buzzer beater from half court in the 2011 Big Ten Tournament. Yes, I am very envious of their success, but they could go the next ten years without winning anything in anything and I’d still couldn’t stand them.

Michael Hood , Reporter

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Michael Hood