Brother, student, son, friend: lost


Photo contributed by Nichole Luttrell

Joshua Luttrell will be remembered with a smile on his face according to Greenwell and Nichole.

Destiny Bryant, Digital Managing Editor

At eight years old, Joshua Luttrell asked his father, Richard Luttrell, to be baptized, and his father told him he was not allowed to be baptized until he could define baptism. He returned to his father a little while later with a page and a half explaining what baptism was.

“He told me he was ready to give himself to the Lord,” his father said. “So, we got him baptized and got him a bible with his name on it.”

On Sept. 1, Josh succumbed to injuries sustained from a gunshot wound. Josh was a freshman at SHS whose sister, Nichole Luttrell, and best friend, Dalton Greenwell describe as a kind-hearted kid who never failed to make those around him laugh.

Although Josh’s family and friends believe that he may have made some poor decisions that night, they don’t believe the situation that led to his death should be how he is remembered. He was with people he barely knew, according to his father, and according to Greenwell he often put his trust into the wrong people despite his willingness to protect those he loved.

Josh’s father says he was very outgoing, and says that Josh was one to always stick up for those around him whether he knew them or not.

“Since everything has happened, I’ve had several teenagers and their parents get ahold of me and tell me the good things he has done for their child or the impression he has left on anyone he has met,” his father said.

Greenwell and Nichole both say Josh was one to brighten everyone’s day even when he was having a rough day. Nichole says all he cared about was friends and family, having fun and living life to the fullest.

“He was a kind, caring kid,” Greenwell said. “He had a big heart.”