Review: ‘Atypical’


Lily Berggoetz, Reporter

Over the last few weeks, I have finished and started many different Netflix TV shows. “Atypical” is not a normal TV show, which is why I like it so much. It has unexpected twists and turns. The characters are not flat, they are well-rounded and I can relate to all of them in at least one way. When I finally finished “Atypical,” my life came to a halt and I felt so lost.

“Atypical” is a coming-of-age comedy fiction.The plot consists of an 18-year-old autistic boy named Sam Gardner. All of Sam’s life, he has been dependent on his mother, Elsa. However, when Sam realizes he wants to be independent and get some romance in his life, he forces Elsa to go on a journey to find herself as well.

The Netflix TV show has multiple mini stories in it which makes the show more anticipating.

There are many different characters, and all of them have their own personal drama which make the story harder to leave. Sam’s relationships with his therapist (Julia) and his first girlfriend (Paige) are the most intriguing to me.  The way they interact with each other really shows that all relationships are not like the ones on the common TV drama shows.

This show is one of my favorite TV shows on Netflix. It is full of humor, love, drama and tragicomedy. My favorite part of this show is the fact that it shows the experiences and situations that a person with autism might face. By doing this, the audience can see how autistic people think differently and how they react in complex situations.  

I give this series a 10/10 because it not only is a funny romance show, but serves as an educational show also. Following the story was nerve-wrecking but an amazing experience for me. As soon as the second season comes out on Netflix, you know where you can find me, in my room with a blanket around my body, popcorn in my mouth and my eyes glued to my TV watching “Atypical.”