Cutting the cord on cable

Rebecca Wright, Reporter

Cut the cord. Many people across the U.S. are dropping cable television subscriptions.

“Oh no! Rest in peace cable,” sophomore Madeline Holloway said, upon hearing of cable television’s impending doom.

Holloway has been without cable TV since the 5th grade. The “background” noise wasn’t enough to make her family keep the service.

After getting rid of cable, Holloway said she remembers it being very quiet. And, she suddenly had time to devote to some of her hobbies.

“I really just watched whatever was on,” Holloway said. “I didn’t miss it much.”

According to, the average American teenager aged 12-17 years old watch 20 hours and 41 minutes of television a week. However, reports that those numbers are on the decline, due to the favorability of shorter videos for entertainment, that can be found on sites like Youtube, and the increasing popularity of online streaming services like Netflix.

Junior Kendyll Smith and her family made the switch from cable television to online streaming services more recently.

“[Cable] It’s a lot of money and it kind of useless when everything you already watch on cable is either on Hulu or Netflix,” Smith said.

Eight percent of the U.S. population have canceled TV subscription, according to Media Post.

The cord cutters entertainment medium of choice: Netflix.

Smith believes that as Netflix viewership increases the quality of shows increase too.

“I’m obsessed with like a thousand shows and movies on there,” said Smith. “They keep adding better and better ones.”

Smith likes that many netflix shows will upload whole seasons at a time. She likes not having to wait a week.

The viewership for online streaming services are on the rise and Smith would personally recommend switching from cable to online streaming platforms.