Mice on the rise


Illustration from Google freeuse photos

Recently the amount of mice in the school has escalated.

Emma Sprague, Reporter


As the seasons change and the temperatures outside decrease, some of the animals outside search for a warm place to live and find food, and for some of them, SHS has become their winter home. The rodents have been spotted and caught throughout the school on various occasions, according to custodian Sherry Henry.

“Students need to focus on school,” Henry said. “(The mice problem) is (the custodial staff’s)  responsibility.”

Despite feeling this way, Henry encourages students and staff to help prevent the problem throughout the school. For example, students should keep food out of the classrooms, and staff can help by not leaving food in the teacher’s lounge longer than necessary.

Senior Noah Nixon agrees with Henry, and says that students can and should help fix the problem. However, he claims another factor behind this problem is natural causes, acknowledging the effects the cold season has on pest infestation.    

“Totally exterminating them is going to be near impossible,” said Nixon. “I feel like (the student body) can do something about (the mice problem).”

Nixon recommends that traps can be set up whenever mice are spotted and has found doing so to be beneficial. Glue traps have been set up around the school in various locations. He says this will help to decrease the amount of mice throughout the school. Henry explained there are usually about 10 mice a week found in the mouse traps.  

“I don’t want people to come to school feeling threatened by (the mice) because they can carry diseases,” Nixon said.

Waltham Pest Control website confirms Nixon’s thoughts, as it states that mice feces contains certain bacteria that can contaminate food and cause food poisoning. It is also explains that mice can cause structural damage due to their constant gnawing.  

Nixon says that the mice are not only destructive, but distracting. He explained that the first time he saw a mouse at SHS was in his math class, and it caused a “funny” disturbance during the lesson. His second experience was when a mouse was spotted in the field house during his gym class, which was also a distraction to the class.  

“We need to get as many of (the mice) out as possible,” said Nixon. “(The mice problem) is a dangerous threat.”