Cafeteria holes lead to expulsion

Rachel Gray, Reporter

Over the past several years, SHS has gone through multiple constructional changes in order to create a better atmosphere for education. Approximately two weeks ago, SHS administrators found three holes within a wall of the newly renovated cafeteria. They are believed to have been inflicted through an act of vandalism, which assistant principal Mr. Kirby Schott believes was most likely done by the hands of a student of SHS.

“I think it’s ridiculous. We have a new space, everything is brand new and somebody is tearing it up,” Schott said.

Since the administrators’ search on the security cameras within the area, as well as the cafeteria itself, SHS has been unable to find any information clarifying as to who has damaged the newly renovated area. Though they are currently unable to find those responsible, there have been extra precautionary efforts taken by SHS in order to discover the unknown offender, or possible offenders. The changes that have been placed into action since the incident have also been created to prevent further possible violations of school property.

The original booth seating, where the event had taken place, has been moved away from the wall and has been replaced with the circular table seating arrangement. The three holes have been circled with red spray paint. This is believed to help mark the area and create a better visual when seen both on and off camera. According to Schott, the security cameras within the cafeteria have recently been adjusted in order to, hopefully, be able to receive a visual of any possible future students who intend on taking advantage of their school privileges.

“With the way the cameras were pointed, it would be difficult to see (the offenders). We’ve reangled the cameras to hopefully get them on camera,” Schott said.

Schott, as well as several other staff members of SHS, is surprised as well as disappointed in the actions of the unknown persons who were involved in the incident. The holes within the cafeteria wall are expected to be repaired sometime within the near future. If any students are found to have taken part in any of the damaging the of the cafeteria wall, they will receive punishment for their decisions through indefinite expulsion from SHS. Any students who may have information as to who had committed these acts of vandalism are highly advised by SHS to contact an SHS staff member immediately.