Suicide is not a joke


Lily Berggoetz, Reporter

In the past few months I have seen many people making jokes about suicide. Being someone who suffers from depression and has friends who are and have been suicidal, I can confidently say that it is not something to joke about.

According to the article “11 Facts About Suicide”, about every 16.2 minutes someone commits suicide and nearly 30 thousand Americans commit suicide a year. I don’t think people understand how serious being suicidal and attempting or committing suicide is. People actually think they are worthless and that everyone’s lives would be better without them alive. They want to end their life because they are too miserable to enjoy living it. People do not realize that they deserve happiness and when they leave us, the world will change, but it won’t be for the better.

Suicide is permanent. The result is no longer having a future and not being able to live a happy life, which everyone deserves. According to “The Parent Resource Program: The Jason Foundation,” more young adults die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza and chronic lung disease combined. This data is insane.

I believe that one reason the suicide rate is climbing is because of people not taking it seriously. Logan Paul, a YouTuber, went into Aokigahara, a Japanese suicide forest and had the audacity to film a hanging man and laugh about it. When I saw this, I was disgusted. Laughing at a man who felt so worthless in the world he decided to take his life in is inhumane.

One day you could be laughing and having a blast with someone, and the next day they could be gone. You cannot come back from suicide. Words and actions leave a huge impact on some people. You never know what someone is going through. Be careful of what you say and what you do, because some people are on the verge of breaking and one small thing can trigger them.  

Laughing and mocking suicide is disgusting. Some people not only mock suicide, they may even bully a person into suicide. Bullying often leads to suicide or an attempt of suicide. There are many different types of bullying, but in my experience, verbal bullying and cyber bullying impacts a person more than other types of bullying. People underestimate the impact words have on other people. One statement or even one word can make or break a person’s day.

“11 Facts About Suicide” says that each suicide emotionally effects at least six other people. Joking about it, not only disrespects the people who took their lives, but also those who have been affected by someone who has committed suicide. Suicide is not and never has been a joke, do not make it seem like it is.

If you feel like you, or someone you know is suicidal or is having suicidal thoughts, please know even though some people treat it like a joke, it is not. You are loved and you deserve the best in life. To reach out for help, call the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255.