Journal Address: Let’s take our ‘Ls’ with pride

Journal Address: Lets take our Ls with pride

Editorial Board

As the new year is now in full swing, 2018 is calling for some changes with the way people view mistakes, blunders and losses, also known as “Ls.” Recently across different social media platforms, there have been posts with sayings like, “I won’t be taking ‘Ls’ in 2018” or “I’ll be taking the ‘W’ (or win) in 2018.”

The irony in this is you can’t win without losing. The only way to win is to lose and lose over and over and then make a comeback. It’s rare that someone shows up to a ceremony, competition or game and wins something without ever going through tough practices, losses or failure by trying to reach that point of winning.

It is from our mistakes that we learn to number one: not make that mistake again, and number two: get better and look past the mistake. So, take pride in your losses and wins because they come as a package. Of course, you can lose without winning if you give up and look at it that way, or you can pick the pieces back up and try again. Whether or not you succeed, trying again and having the energy, mindset and motivation to try again is winning enough.

Getting back up is all a part of life. This was especially shown in a video posted by a coach at Coronado High School, with the twitter handle @CoachHines, who also believes that taking “Ls” should not be looked at negatively, but instead should be looked at only as a part of the way to become more successful “in sports, in business (and) in life.”

Another important take from Hines’ video is that in order to be great, we must be much better than the average person. This calls for encountering more struggles and even tougher losses than that person. Sometimes we have to jump over hurdles, but they only make us better. The harder the struggle can only mean more learning, more redoing, more benefits and more strength.

That is exactly why it is so important to change the negative connotation with the phrase “taking Ls,” because it is nothing negative at all. As long as something is done about taking an “L” after receiving it, such as turning it into a positive mistake, nothing is wrong with the “L” or the person receiving it. It’s not just about being the best or giving up when you’re not. Before you can be the best, you have to get better, and without a few “Ls” here and there, no progress will be made.

Oddly enough, it’s entirely human not to be perfect. Take the “Ls” and change what it means to yourself and to others. Take “Ls” as “Ws,” because without the “Ls” you would never reach a single “W.”

Instead of continuing the year with that end-of-2017 mindset, let’s focus on taking our “Ls” with pride in the new year.