Faculty wears pink to help fight breast cancer

Some of the many faculty members dressed in pink pose after school on Oct. 29.

Some of the many faculty members dressed in pink pose after school on Oct. 29.

Ema Robertson, Reporter

October is breast cancer awareness month, and each year many people participate in walks, runs and fundraisers, and they give donations to raise awareness for research programs and to pay for medical treatment for the patients.

SHS yesterday raised money through the Passionately Pink fundraiser. Some SHS teachers chose to pay a small donation to wear pink to support breast cancer.

SHS raised approximately $400. One of the organizers of the event, special ed teacher Mrs. Jennifer Karushis, says she believes students could raise awareness for breast cancer, not just the teachers.

“I think we could expand this,” Karushis said. “We did this just for the teachers, but we could include the students.”

SHS could have a sweatpants day with students donating that dollar to breast cancer or a bake sale for the cause, according to Karushis.

Many staff members of SHS participated in wearing pink and donating money to the cause. SHS teacher Mr. Kenneth Slaughter engaged in this event.

“Anytime someone can make awareness of something, especially like breast cancer, they should,” Slaughter said. “It affects so many people, and anyone who knows anything about it should participate in these kinds of events.”

One out of eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

ISS teacher Mrs. Earline Smith also took part in this occasion.

“I supported this event because I have a friend that has cancer and family members that have died of cancer,” Smith said. “It affects all of us one way or another.”