Athletes need to act like the role models they are

Emma DeHart , Sports Reporter

People normally look up to professional athletes as role models. Well, most professional athletes. Some athletes do not realize that they are role models to other people, but all of them should. They should lead by setting good examples, not doing drugs or going to jail for any matter.

Some professional athletes are oblivious to the fact that they are role models for many people, older or younger. They act as they would if they were on the streets without any fame. Athletes do not need to change themselves. They just need to be aware that they are looked up to by many people.

Even if athletes do not see themselves as role models to other people, they should still act as if they are. Too many athletes are doing things that shouldn’t be imitated by others.

Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck is a great role model for younger kids and shows the way athletes should act. Luck contributes to the Indianapolis community in positive ways and has a positive interaction with the fans. If kids are going to look up to him and act like him, they would be picking a great role model.

There are many players that know where they stand and are great role models. However, there are athletes such as the ones going to jail for abusing their wives and using drugs. The athletes are role models and need to realize it. There is no way that those athletes could be seen as good role models to anyone.