Students create philosophy club to further ‘deep thinking’

Junior initiates club and asks English teacher Sam Hanley to sponsor it


Michael Hood

Philosophy club members circle up on Tuesday, Feb. 13. They were debating zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. At their meetings, someone will bring up a topic, and that is how their conversations get started.

Lily Berggoetz, Reporter

Junior John Gunderson says he has always been interested in Philosophy. One day, he found himself contemplating deeper thoughts. He got together with some friends, and they decided to create a philosophy club.

Both Gunderson and junior Michael Hood are co-presidents for the club. According to Gunderson, the idea of the club came to them while they were discussing how they were interested in philosophy. There are 10 students are getting together, after school, to study and learn about philosophy.

Gunderson says the goal for the club is to gain a better understanding of philosophical ideas. They want to learn about the different branches of philosophy and what role they play.  They also plan on bringing in guest speakers and going on field trips.

English teacher Sam Hanley sponsors the club, and he says it was started purely by students.

“Essentially to me, that means they’re doing the work, and I am unlocking my classroom a couple days a month for them to come in and chat,” Hanley said.

The club is looking to raise money to purchase books for the members to read and study. It is a club where you learn to think deeper on what you may have already thought about in other classes.

“But then read some challenging things both from the aspect of its hard literature and also from the aspect of getting to think about some challenging concepts that we don’t always have the opportunity think about,” Hanley said.

Gunderson wants people to know more about the club as he says it is a good environment. He also says the club is set out to do some fun and interesting things.

“Hopefully, we can start talking about current events and how it relates to philosophy and everything,” Gunderson said.

The club will be meeting bimonthly on Tuesdays in room 407 after school, and anyone is invited.