The Hollywood awards

Celebs celebrate their own work


Logan Flake

Actors gather to try to create the “most diverse selfie ever taken.”

Emma Wiese, Reporter

With demonstrations from lapel pins to speeches to coordinating dresses, this awards season has seen many different forms of activism. From the Oscars to the Golden Globes, actors, writers and producers have been speaking their minds on problems such as sexism, racism and discrimination.

In response to these conversations, several unreasonably-rich people proposed to bring back a long-forgotten Hollywood tradition: The Hollywood Awards.

The Hollywood Awards, introduced in 1939 (the year “Gone with the Wind” came out,) is an awards show for the people in Hollywood, not unlike any other awards show. However, instead of being judged on the content they create, awards are given out to people who shined or stood out at awards shows this past awards season.

The HAs have categories like “Best Speech,” “Best Award Presenter,” “Best Dressed” and the highly regarded “Most Diverse.” With the running theme of Hollywood activism this season, the “Most Diverse” award will be the one many people will focus on.

The self-congratulatory nature of the HAs has been criticized in the past. Jen Normie, head of the charity “JENorosity,” has spoken out strongly against the show’s revival.

“The HAs are just another way for Hollywood to praise itself for it’s progressivism,” Normie said. “But, what’s activism without action?”

The head producer of the HAs, James Whiteman, disagrees with Normie. He believes that the HAs are a great opportunity to encourage better behavior in Hollywood.

“If we reward good behavior like we do with the HAs, there’s never any need to punish or outcast people who abuse their power,” Whiteman said. “It’s not like we were ever going to punish bad behavior anyways.”