New officers work at SHS

Robinson and Shambaugh take place of previous school officers


Emma Sprague

Kaleb Robinson and officer Thomas Shambaugh are SHS’s new officers.

Emma Sprague, Reporter

At SHS, students and staff have had multiple police officers since of the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year to help supervise the halls and keep students safe to the best of their abilities. Officer Ashley Rose has been at SHS since August.

His last day at SHS for this school year was Feb. 19, because he is required by law to complete training at the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Rose was not certified by ILEA because when he was hired it was not mandated by the agency until now. This training is used to show them how to react in situations that they could face in real life when they are fulfilling their duties as police officers. This training will be complete in June and he will be back at SHS for the 2018-2019 school year.  

For some time, the school had two police officers, Rose and officer Schanel Manek. Manek no longer works at SHS and has transferred elsewhere. Since Rose was the only police officer here, two new police have been hired to help fill the spots that have been left. Officer Kaleb Robinson and officer Thomas Shambaugh are the school’s new officers. The change in jobs will be a challenge for both of the school’s new officers.

“The opportunity to work with juveniles is a new kind of police work,” said Robinson.