Room8: a new way to find college roommates

Recently-released app hopes to streamline path to your ultimate college comrade

Lily Berggoetz, Reporter

Many students have lived their senior year of high school in fear that they would be stuck with a college roommate they clash with. To their luck, a new app was recently released called Roomm8. Roomm8’s goal is to bring people together and find you the best roommate possible.

Roomm8 was created in January 2018 to help desperate college students find the roommate of their dreams. How Roomm8 works is simple. You make an account, list everything you want in a roommate, add a few pictures to show the other students from your college who you are,  play the game of swiping left or right and wait to match with your one and only.

Thousands of college students have found “the one” they have been searching for. SHS graduate Chloe Trish struggled for months before finally swiping right and matching with Hazel Guides. Guides says the day Trish messaged her was like ‘a match made in heaven.’

“She messaged me a day after we matched, and we just clicked,” Guides said. “I never thought I would find my roommate on an app, but I would not have it any other way.”Roomm8 lets you message anyone you may be interested in rooming with. From your DMs, you can set up a time to meet and get to know each other, or just chat online and make new friends.

SHS graduate Kevin Groop has been on a losing streak with his past roommates. He just found out about Roomm8 and is optimistic about finding his match.

“With all of my past failed roommates, it seems Roomm8 is my last hope,” Groop said. “But, I refuse to give up. I am determined that my one true roommate is on Roomm8.”