More than the classroom essentials

Teacher-student relationships are a must for some’s learning

Emma Sprague, Reporter

In math class there are some essentials. A pencil, calculator, maybe a notebook. Sophomore Ian Julian believes that another essential for any class is a good relationship between the students and their teachers. Julian believes that by having this connection between the student and teacher, the student will benefit in the learning process. With a teacher making sure that everyone talked at least once during class and being able to ask his teacher for things Julian needed, the relationship was formed.

Both Julian and his math teacher from last year Ethan Coffman believe that the relationship between a teacher and student allows school to be a more fun and comfortable environment to learn in for everyone.   

“When you’re really close with a teacher you can joke around with them and it’s a lot easier to get through (the class,)” Julian said.

Julian explained that while he was in Coffman’s class he did a lot better when he became close with the teacher. When there is a good relationship it is a lot less stressful and easier to get through.

“I do 100 percent better in classes when I actually talk to (the teacher,)” Julian said.

Coffman agrees with Julian and says that a “close” relationship is necessary for students’ education. Coffman explained that if there is a negative relationship between the student and teacher then school becomes “daunting and drags on.”

Although a teacher’s job is ultimately to teach, Coffman believes that teachers also have to be mentors. Coffman compares the classroom setting to a workplace. If it is boring and you don’t like the people you work with then you won’t enjoy the job. It’s the same in the classroom according to Coffman.

“If you go and your boss is reasonable it makes the job more enjoyable,” Coffman said. “It’s the same with education. If the environment is good and the relationship is good and you understand that we’re working for each other. It makes everything so much more enjoyable.”