Second winter: spring’s saving grace?

Movement calls for new season to split spring in half


Logan Flake

(Left) Second winter supporter Josh OshKosh B’gosh hands out papers promoting the movement during iPass. “It feels like I was put on this earth to save Spring from the clutches of snow,” B’gosh said. (Right) The paper B’gosh passed out.

Emma Wiese, Reporter


Spring is expected to bring mild days, filled with sunshine. However, this year, April has brought snow, sleet and cold temperatures. While this may please the penguins at the Indianapolis Zoo, it has caused quite a ruckus among the human residents of the American Midwest.
“Every morning, I wake up and pray I don’t see snow again,” Southport resident Anna Anderson said. “When I do, I pray that global warming will melt it away before I leave for work.”
People across the Midwest have been complaining about the weather. Due to the amount of snow and cold temperatures, many Hoosiers find themselves frustrated.
In the midst of their grievances, a group consisting of meteorologists, teachers and parents have joined together and urged their local congressmen to make a change: create a new season called second winter that would come in the middle of spring, splitting it into two parts.
“It’s the logical choice,’” Josh OshKosh B’gosh, the spearhead of this movement, said. “If we already have cold weather and snow, then we might as well call this season what it is.”
The second winter movement has already made some progress. Using their large amount of supporters and armed with their catchy slogan (‘April snow must go!’), they have caught the attention of many congressmen and women.
However, not everyone is in support of second winter. One opponent, Harry Henderson, predicts another season will just make everything more confusing.
“If we get a new season, what does that actually mean for the people of the USA?” Henderson said. “If we have a second winter, do we get a second Christmas? A second New Years? Where does the madness end?”