Spell Bowl team forming at SHS

Junior Craig makes new academic club


This is just one of the many flyers, SHS Spell Bowl team co-funder posted up around the school.

Lyndsay Valadez, News Editor

Being a former Spell Bowl member at Mary Bryan Elementary, junior Sarah Craig says she has always been good at spelling and that is why she decided to start a Spell Bowl team here at SHS.

In order to start this team, she has put in a lot of individual work, such as contacting administration, finding sponsors and students to be on the team, and other tasks like hanging up flyers.

“I just kind of thought ‘hey, why don’t we have a team for the high school?’” Craig said.

Seeing an email from assistant principal Amy Boone, math teacher Jason Adler decided he wanted to be one of the two sponsors for this team. Adler was in Spell Bowl at his high school, Maryville High School in Indiana. The other sponsors are Conner McNeely and Jacqui Young.

Together, the four of them will be spearheading the formation of the SHS Spell Bowl team. The forming team currently has about half of the people needed for an complete team that have shown interest by attending the call out meeting. However, Craig is not letting that disappoint her. She thinks more people will join as word gets around next fall, which is when Craig hopes to start having official team meetings.

“I’m very impressed that a student like (Craig) would initiate something that hasn’t been done in the school before,” Adler said.

Craig, also surprising herself, wants others to know that “you don’t have to be outgoing to start a new club,” as she feels she’s not very outgoing herself.

If you want to join Spell Bowl or have any questions, contact Craig or another one of the sponsors through email as listed below.

Sarah Craig: [email protected]

Jason Adler: [email protected]

Conner McNeely: [email protected]

Jacqui Young: [email protected]