Making the curriculum click

Teachers incorporate social media into classes


Tabby Fitzgerald

Social Studies teacher Dan Jones updates his school twitter account on Monday, April 16. Jones uses his school twitter account to keep students aware of important dates, share study tips with them and tweets that enhance his classes.

Lily Berggoetz, Reporter

With technology becoming a part of society’s everyday life, many schools have started to incorporate the internet and other types of technology into the education system. Teachers have set up twitter accounts to make communicating easier for students.

AP Human geography and psychology  teacher Dan Jones has a Twitter and Youtube account which he uses for many different reasons. Jones says that he uses Twitter to share interesting things that he finds that relates to the classes he teaches and to remind students of homework, tests and to keep them updated on important dates.

Jones also uses social media to develop relationships with students. He often combines the work they are doing in class with what is trending on social media.

“I think it’s important to develop a relationship with students. So, however you can do that, whatever tool you can use, you should try to do that,” Jones said. “This is a tool that I can use.”

He also uses it to spread information that may be needed to further student’s understanding with the course’s material.

“Sometimes I will see things on social media that I will quote. And then bring in a psychological principle or bring in an AP human geography principle,” Jones said.

Math teachers Mary Wheeler and Jack Williams both co-run the math department’s Twitter. They use the account to promote things they are working on in class or what is happening within the math department. Wheeler says that a Twitter account is a good source for students to get information and for information to be spread.

“I will post things that are happening within the department.  If somebody has an exciting activity going on, I will post a picture of it,” Wheeler said. “I post pictures of what’s going on in math lab. I will make announcements when math lab is. So, it’s more of a tool that students can use to help get themselves help.”

Both Jones and Wheeler think that if social media is used in an appropriate way, it is useful in education. One can find more information about the classes they take, homework assignments, and important events happening within the department.

Jones says that it is important to know that having social media to interact with students does not make your method of teaching automatically effective.

“Just having a twitter account doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s enhancing the benefit of my class. I think using social media for me has been a gain,” Jones said.

Senior Maya Peterson-Womack agrees with Jones and says it is another important communication tool. She says that some students may be shy and prefer not to be in person when they ask questions.

“I think it’s really important to give students more of a way to communicate with their teachers,” Womack said. “Some of them don’t think to email so it’s more informal.  It works both ways because then teachers feel more connected to with their students.”