The Chan trio

SHS triplets don’t let the competitiveness of their sport damage their bond.


Russell Peterson-Womack

Naomi (left), Sophia (middle) and Annika Chan are triplets that are all a part of SHS girls golf team. These three don’t let the competition of being on the same team affect their relationship as sisters.

Sibling rivalries can sometimes be an intense ordeal. However, this isn’t the case for three freshman at SHS.

Freshmen Annika, Naomi and Sophia Chan are triplets at SHS and, they are all a part of the girls golf team. While they sometimes have to compete with each other for spots among the top golfers, they fully support each other and don’t let this damage their bond.

The three sisters began taking golf lessons in the fifth grade when their parents signed them up because their older brother, Davis Chan, played golf for Southport middle school at the time. The Chan sisters golfed for the middle school as well, starting in the sixth grade. This was their first season golfing on a team.

The triplets are delighted to be playing with each other. Their coach says they support each other and lift their sisters up when one has a bad day and celebrate together when one has a great day on the course. They are very comfortable and relaxed when golfing with each other, which is very important for them to perform to the best of their ability.

“We know that we can tell each other what we need to work on,” Sophia said. “We can give each other advice. We won’t get offensive. We won’t hesitate to help each other.”

Naomi says that she can’t think of anything negative about playing with her two sisters.

“I love being with my sisters. They’re my best friends,” Naomi said.  

The fact that all three siblings have such a tight bond with each other plays a big role in their golf careers.

Annika, Naomi, and Sophia have played with each other for four years, including this current season. They will have three more years together after this one. They all say that they look forward to spending the next three years of high school golfing in each other’s company.

“Me and my sisters were always really close so it’s just nice to do something with them,” Annika said.

Head girls golf coach, Donald Manning, says that he was impressed with their ability to work together and get along so well.

“They have the right attitude,” Manning said. “They’re competitive but not competitive with each other, which is neat to see because you know, you could get jealous, but that never seems to be a problem with them. They support each other. If one plays great, and another one struggles, they’re very supportive of each other so that’s been cool to see.”

Annika, Naomi and Sophia Chan might be placed against and compared to each other at times, but they don’t let this lessen the unique and special bond that they all share. The triplets spend much of their time golfing together by competing at matches, practicing after school and working on their skills together on their own time.