Boys cross country loses close meet against Roncalli


Jordin Baker

The SHS boys cross country team prepares to run by breaking down before the race on Tuesday, Aug. 28.

The SHS boys cross country team has never lost to Roncalli, but on Aug. 27, they lost by only one point, 28-27.

According to head coach Herman Beuno, any one of the eight SHS runners in the meet could have placed higher and changed the outcome of the meet. However, he doesn’t place blame on any of the runners, because it all came down to two seconds.

The heat was also a big reason SHS lost the meet. It all comes down to how miserable the runners are willing to be and how much they push themselves when they see the finish line. This is something that the team works on in practices.

“A key to our practice is to make yourself slightly more miserable today than you did the day before,” Beuno said.

Sophomore Brian Martinez was a victim of the over-80 degree heat, and says that it affected him in his neck-to-neck finish with a Roncalli runner.

“It was a mental game because of the heat,” Martinez said. “It was really hot and then the last 800 meters (a Roncalli runner) was really close to me, and I wanted to be a great pick for the team.”

With the heat being so sever, the meet was shortened from five kilometers to three kilometers. For Roncalli, this change came with benefits due to the fact that their team is filled with more speed than endurance, according to Beuno.