Tardies galore

Student Services reports counting at least 50 tardies per day, leading to changes in discipline


Many students at SHS are receiving tardies, and administration is using a more intense disciplinary system in order to combat this.

The first five minutes of class are the most crucial in promoting student motivation and engagement, according to the Yale Center for Teaching and Learning. At SHS, many students are missing these minutes as a result of being late to class.

Student Services is seeing at least 50 tardies every day at SHS. The issue is now being combated with intensified disciplinary measures.

“We set up the system to where after so many tardies, you get disciplined,” Success Coach T.J. Lovejoy said.

According to Lovejoy, when students hit eight tardies, they receive a sack lunch. After 12 tardies, they have ISS for one period. When students reach 16 tardies or more, they are in ISS all day. Lovejoy has also brought over the idea of hallway suspension from Southport Middle School. Students’ hallway privileges are taken away every period once they reach so many tardies.

“Students are still coming to class late. It seems to be the same ones over and over… if they’re not being punished for it, they’re going to continue to do it,” study hall teacher Carianne Tracy said.

According to Tracy, who monitors the doors in one wing of SHS, it is hard to keep track of how many students are actually tardy each period. The estimated 50 does not account for the students who don’t go through Door 1 or skip class.

“I think there’s a lot more,” Tracy said. “We have over 2,000 students. I see students all the time outside trying to come in the doors.”