IMC is giving out free books

Kali Ingels, Reporter

Most students don’t realize that when the IMC changed location, the amount of books changed as well. Since the IMC is smaller than ever, they have made minor adjustments to fit everything in according to IMC clerk Ms. Tara Foor.

Therefore, in direct relation to the downsize of the new library, the books had to decrease as well. The clerks took the books from the IMC and are giving them away for free. The books that are classified as free, are located in the middle of the library near the pillars and all of the books are on beige carts.

“They are all really good stories and popular books,” Foor said. “The books just do not fit on our shelves.”

The idea was brought up by Foor, and then created by her. She thought of this because she would rather see them go out to students,teachers or charities versus going directly into the trash. Since all of the books couldn’t fit, why not give them away Foor says. At a certain point in the school year, toward Christmas break, all of the books that are left on the carts will be donated to a near by organization.

There has been a great success from the students coming and getting the books according to Foor. Students have taken advantage of these free books. Foor believes giving the books away to students was a great choice. There have been several students that have came back for multiple books.

Freshmen Georgina Bosire loves reading and is one of the students that have gotten multiple free books. She is really interested in the romantic and mystery books.

“It’s amazing that there are actually free books that we can take from the library,” Bosire said.

Overall, she has picked up about four books so far. She plans to pick up more if the IMC clerks ever decide to put more books on the free book carts. She thinks that every student should come down to the library and pick up a free book of their own.