News Alert: IMC book fair to take place today


Photo contributed by media clerk Taylor Peters

On Nov. 30 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., the fifth annual book fair for SHS will be held at the Barnes and Noble in Greenwood. According to junior Sarah Rusaw, the fair will be fairytale themed. Rusaw and other book club members will be at Barnes and Noble to help with activities, like crafts, reading aloud and running a photo booth.

“They put the planning of it on the leaders,” Rusaw said. “We had to pick the theme and find crafts and games and set everything up (for the book fair)”

According to media specialist Tara Foor, the book fair at Barnes and Noble is one of the IMC’s largest fundraisers. Foor says the book fair is similar to other clubs that fundraising at a restaurant for a part of that evening’s sales. Barnes and Noble will give the IMC part of the money from the sales Friday night.

“It’s a great outlet for us because it does promote the love of reading and getting books in people’s hands to read,” Foor said.

Proceeds from the book fair go towards funding library programs throughout the year, including programs during iPass, before school, after school and even supporting activities for different departments, according to Foor.

“In the past we have been able to create programs such as the knitting group that students get together and learn how to knit (or) crochet and they donate what they make to local charities,” Foor said. “We have been able to purchase book club books for many, many different book clubs (from the book fair’s proceeds).”

In addition to buying books for personal use, people will have the opportunity to buy books for the IMC directly, Rusaw says.

“We had to make a list of books that we want for the library that other people can buy for the library,” Rusaw said. “We have pins that we made that say ‘Ask me for my book recommendations.’”

Foor says that even if students don’t have a ride or have the money to buy books, there are still ways to help. She says that students can help spread the word about the book fair and send in their own book recommendations. Students also have the opportunity to shop online using the special code that can be found on the IMC’s Twitter, @SopoIMC.

“Our kids get to give back to their community and I think that’s really what Southport’s all about,” Foor said.