Dealing with technical problems

SHS is having many technical difficulties with school Wi-Fi and more chromebook issues persisting. This is causing issues for many SHS students and can be a very big issue when trying to get work done.

Sophomore Sierra Roberts had an issue on her chromebook which affected her school work.

“I was working on something for class on Google Docs and I went to the bathroom and I came back and half of the things I wrote were gone,” Roberts said. “I couldn’t do anything about it, it wouldn’t come back so i just had to retype everything.”

The school’s Wi-Fi itself has it’s own issues. Roberts also says every time she walks from class to class, the Wi-Fi disconnects, and she has to sign back in. This is an issue for many students as well, according to SHS librarian Ms. Tara Foor. Especially when some teachers expect students to have their bellwork done within the first few minutes of class, but it is on a chromebook, and they have to sign into the Wi-Fi. Sometimes the pop-up that people have to click on to sign into the Wi-Fi, doesn’t even show up.

Foor helps students when chromebook problems occur.

Foor says its Lightspeed that causes the Wi-Fi to disconnect.

“More often than not there is an update by Lightspeed that causes students to be bumped off.” Foor said.

With the help of the tech department she helps fix the issues the students are having, according to Foor.

“I usually wait to hear from Helpdesk and the Technology department to hear about how to solve the issue.”

Foor says it’s also the fact that many students are using Wi-Fi and cause problems for the students.

“Problems will arise and they vary because there are 2500 computers in circulation and every single one of them could be affected either the same way or in different ways,” Foor said. “I try my best to assist those who are having problems and to provide remedies to the situations. I work in conjunction with Perry Township Schools’ Technology department to make sure that we are having as few issues as possible.”