National Institute for Excellence in Teaching uses SHS for promotional video


Emma Herwehe

Members of the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching record students in a leadership meeting.

Over fall break, Perry Township won an award from the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching, or NIET, along with a large grant. This led to camera crews walking around SHS on Friday, Feb. 1. This footage will be used in a video recognizing SHS will be used for NIET’s national convention.

“This is kind of a follow-up to (the award won over fall break), where they wanted to come out and record a promotional-type video,” Principal Brian Knight said. “… It’s part of how they’re going to recognize the school, nationally.”

Knight says that the award isn’t just recognizing SHS but Perry Township as a whole. The video will be recognizing some new tactics that the teachers and administration have been trying, such as talking to students about what is working for them academically.

“Some of it, I think, is a testament to what’s going on holistically in Perry Township and some of the work our teachers are doing here,” Knight said.