Former SHS student, current teacher relives orchestra memories

Riley Hyatt, Entertainment Reporter

When in high school, all students have endless opportunities to get involved. The SHS theater and music department work collectively to produce a fall musical every year and participating in the musical is just one way in which students can get involved.

This year, Piano teacher Mr. Wright played in the orchestra pit for the musical along with other alumni, Mr. John Charles Radomski and Shawn Hulfachor. When Wright was in highschool he played the string bass in The Sound of Music and now that he has returned as a teacher he played the string bass in The Sound of Music yet again. Wright was glad to be back in his old position in the musical pit and recognizes the things that have changed since he last walked the halls of SHS.

Orchestra teacher, Miss Elizabeth Levin had Wright as a student when he was in high school and knew that Wright had the ability to play the string bass, especially since that was his major in college. None of the SHS students were available to play in the musical pit, so, Levin asked Wright to play.

Playing in the pit brings back good memories for Wright. His years of playing after high school have made him a better player, Wright says.

“I remember how difficult things were especially maybe with key signatures and the flatts.” Wright says,

“Now I play them without too much trouble or thinking about them too often. There are a couple of high scales I have to play in the piece and now they are very easy to play since I did my whole music education degree on string bass.”

The three faculty members who took part in the pit this year, were able to take a lead, to an extent. Wright says that Levin does a fine job of conducting from the front of the orchestra but it doesn’t hurt to have an extra eye, and ear, towards the back of the pit where Wright stands.

Wright has enjoyed both his experiences in the musical pit and encourages students to get involved as much as they can.

“It’s being a part of something larger than yourself to make the whole production come across.” Wright said.