Pheonix album helps to relive the 80s

Riley Hyatt, Entertainment Reporter

Although the peach on the cover of “Bankrupt!” may lead you away from the masterpiece that lies on the inside, it truly is a great album. Phoenix is a band comprised of four men from France who originated as a garage trio. The fourth member of the band was added shortly after as their permanent guitarist. Although their fifth album wasn’t their best selling, it has gained much fame and received many positive reviews from critics and fans who have been with Phoenix from the beginning.

Their songs are different from the usual top hits and that’s what makes Phoenix so interesting. They’re not what I listen to everyday, however, after this album, I might just have to.

“The Real Thing” is one of my favorites on the album mostly because it reminds me of the 80s, not that I was actually there for them. This song just belongs in “16 Candles”. I also happen to love Molly Ringwald and any movie she was featured in during her teenage years.

The fourth song, “Bankrupt!,” was indeed the song the album was named after, and I assumed it would knock my socks off. I was intently waiting for the first lyrics of the song to hit my ears but had to wait four minutes for them to actually come. Allow me to clarify. “Bankrupt!” begins with four minutes of repetitive instrumental nonsense. I have to admit, I enjoyed the peaceful quality the song had at first, but by the third minute I craved the lyrics I hoped would come. At one point, I actually thought the song was skipping, like a record player that couldn’t find it’s way along the grooves of the chosen track. All I can say is Why? Why, Phoenix, would you chose to begin your song in such a way?

I loved “Drakkar Noir,” “Chloroform” and “Don’t” because they all blended together and sounding like one complete song. “Chloroform” was my favorite out of the three, being that it had so many layers it was almost hard to comprehend, but I mean that in a good way. I liked that it was sort of mysterious.

The album takes a hard turn in the right direction with “Bourgeois” which I admit, I did not know how to pronounce until Phoenix was kind enough to sing it for me. It had a different feel than the rest of the album perhaps revving up for the grand ending.

These aren’t necessarily songs you would dance to at homecoming (or any where for that matter). I like to see them as road trip songs you play in order to pass the time. You just listen to them, because they sound nice, not because you can twerk to them.